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8 Quick Ideas on Reducing Stress

  Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed with the multitude of demands in your life? Here are 8 thought-provocative and powerful perspectives on getting back to a fulfilling life with purpose, intention and focus: 1. Having a focus is a by-product of purpose. The clearer your purpose in life, the more focused you are on the areas that really have priority in your life. 2. Good habits are hard to develop, and they’re easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to develop, and they’re hard to live with. 3. Something that is worth doing is worth doing well. 4. Always give without remembering. Always receive without forgetting. 5. Extraordinary people always are very good listeners. Make listening an intentional […]

Seven Ways to Promote Your Professional Services

You are convinced you have a valuable professional service to provide. But how do you convince potential clients that you are worth  their investment or time and/or money? Follow these seven steps and you will attract more leads and turn them into clients. 1. Know exactly what you provide to others. Here is a great exercise: choose two or three words that explain the essence of what you do. You will use those words to express to everyone what it is you can do for them—this is your “verbal business card.” 2. Be proud of what you do.
 If you do not love what you do, are not proud of how you do it, or don’t feel good enough about […]

“Stand Out” Book review from Greg Voisen

One of good friend of mine, L. Greg Voisen wrote an article about me and my book “Stand Out”. It is interesting to see how others perceive me and there is always something I can learn from. Below is his article. Years ago I was attempting to get Dale Carnegie and Associates to look at a software system I had developed for sales representatives, when I met Simon Vetter. At the time, Simon was working for the San Diego office of Dale Carnegie as a sales associate. That was quite a few years ago and both Simon and I have moved on to other ventures. However, Simon always kept in touch with me over the years and as a matter […]

Interview with Bailey Gardiner: Advertising and Public Relations Agency

Seven Tips from a Leadership Coach I got interviewed by Indra Gardiner, who is the CEO of BaileyGardiner Creative Agency, a leading PR and Advertisement Agency in San Diego. After one year of working together in a coaching, Indra asked me seven questions about leadership coaching and getting their business to the next level. 1. How do you define successful leadership? Successful leadership requires two kinds of people – people who lead and people who want to follow. Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner say leadership is a relationship between those who aspire to lead and those who choose to follow. • Do you really want to follow that person? • Would you want to go through the fire for that […]

Welcome to a World of Free Agents!

There is a broad shift in power from the organization to the individual. More and more people in traditional jobs – the permanent, year-around, full-time, outside-the-home employment arrangement that is the basis of nearly all American labor and social assumptions – are dissatisfied and want to be in charge of their own lives.

Advance Your Career

Here are some words of wisdom from Beverly Kaye who is widely known as a leading authority on talent retention, career development and mentoring. Beverly Kaye has earned her seat at the table of leading business experts. Here are her words of wisdom for advancing on your career path.