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How to Turn a Good Leadership Team into a Great One

The enemy of becoming great is becoming content with being good. That is the reason we have many good companies, not great ones, good schools, not a great ones, and good management teams, not great ones. There’s a lot of good, but not good enough to become great. Most organizations, institutions, teams, and individuals have become comfortable with being good. That’s where they stay. Consequently, there is no urgency, drive, and motivation put into extra efforts to become great. Good Leadership to Great Leadership Example When the CEO of a construction company called me to provide leadership development, the company went through a lot of change. They had transferred complete ownership of the company twice in the previous year and […]

Understanding the Power of Vision

Many talk about the power of vision without truly understanding how real it is, and how much of a difference it can make in personal or professional achievement. It isn’t about “seeing is believing”. It’s about believing you have the power to make your vision come true. Vision + Emotion = Drive As a salesman for my previous company, I attended a five-day training program in Seattle. At the end of the course, our trainer David Green asked each person to come to the front of the room and articulate his or her sales goals. When my turn came, I walked confidently to the front of the room and described the following picture: “In December, I attend the international company […]

3 Signs of a Good Business Strategy

Business and technology keep moving faster and faster. Strategy doesn’t. Change brings opportunities. Change can also be confusing. The mistake that managers make is that they see all the changes, exciting opportunities, and new technologies and say, “gosh, we have to get out there, take advantage and implement a sound business strategy”. They forget that if they don’t have a clear direction, a distinctive competitive advantage, it’s going to be very hard to win. Many of my executive clients are very busy, fly around the world, jump from meeting to meeting, and say: “I don’t have time for strategy, the world is changing so fast, we have to move faster. Making time for strategy is a waste of time.” I […]

The 5 Success Factors of a High-Performing Team

Rallying a group of individuals – with all it implies in terms of personalities, personal growth and character differences – can be challenging. A high-performing team is the ultimate weapon to achieve success, where unique strengths are put together as a whole, rather than joining parts as best you can. Have you ever worked in a dysfunctional team? I have and know: it’s a lot of hassle, it takes effort, it creates tension, stress or anxiety – overall, it’s just not fun. A team might not be dysfunctional from day one. It is often the result of built-up frustration and individual attitudes. Some team members may be worried they will lose power and be out-shined. The team may lack a […]

Professional Relationship: How to Respond to Broken Promises

In professional a relationship, broken agreements, lack of follow through, and unclear expectations significantly increase the risk that projects get delayed, customers miss a shipment on time, or quality standards are not met. Additionally, it creates frustration, dissatisfaction or even resentment for the people involved. How do you respond in a situation where a co-worker, manager or peer who doesn’t live up to their word? When the Professional Relationship May Go Sour Just recently, I had an experience of this nature with a business partner. I have known Lewis for years. He is one of the top recruiters in the executive arena, and I consider him an expert in recruiting top talent for Fortune 1000. He is ambitious, intelligent, and […]

What’s Your Story? Standing Out During a Job Interview

Stories have the power to make you memorable and credible, especially during a job interview. Much like a business, you have to stand out from the competition, sell yourself, or rather, convince the recruiter that you are the best choice. The Power of Storytelling Storytelling is as old as the Stone Age (or so we would imagine). We are always telling each other stories, whether at the office copier, over late Friday afternoon drinks, or around the supper table at day’s end. Storytelling can also be a powerful tool during a networking event, social party, informational meeting or when interviewing with prospective employers. Well-crafted, interesting and compelling stories will help you distinguish yourself in a positive way, and enhance your […]

Six Secrets of Wise Time Management

I would like to share six secrets on time management to start the New Year with fresh insights and practices for being productive and working smart in the midst of turbulent time pressure. We have to constantly deal with interruptions, distractions, competing priorities, and unforeseen crises no matter where we are. However, there is a way to manage our time well and wisely in order to Manage our stress level in a positive way Get more done every day Stay energetic and productive in the long run Become more productive instead of staying later, working more or trying yet another questionable tip Time Management Secrets The following six insights are based on the best-selling book The Power of Full Engagement by […]

Change Your Leadership Game by Honing Your Feedback Skills

Become a Better Leader: Practice Constructive Feedback The phrase “born leader” is often used to describe the world’s most transformational and inspiring leaders, coaches, and mentors. For some, leadership comes naturally; for others it is a skill that must be learned, cultivated, and refined. My client Alex is a programming development manager at a pioneering high tech software company. Alex is highly motivated and perseverant. In his personal life that translates to a love of challenging outdoor activities like rock climbing and other adventurous sports. He is active and fit and takes a competitive approach to almost everything he does. At work, Alex’s ambitious and competitive nature creates a commanding presence and he is considered by his managers to be […]

A 5-Minute Walk: The Simple Secret for Achieving Team Trust

Have you ever been angry at work? Maybe you yelled at somebody or you got yelled at by a colleague or even a manager? Yes, it happens in the workplace. Everyone gets angry or frustrated at one point or another and needs an outlet. However, as a professional it’s important to pay attention to the way your responses affect your employees. Your outburst may be of little importance to you — with your feelings leaving just as fast as they came — but to co-workers or employees you have conducted yourself in a way that sets how they think of you and how they will respond to you, ongoing. I have an excellent example of how a client allowed his […]

Turn Stress into a Crucial Business Advantage

“It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.” – Hans Selye, psychologist   With the constant challenge of balancing our personal and professional lives, stress has become a familiar companion. According to the American Institute of Stress, 33% of Americans experience what they consider to be extreme stress. An additional 15% reported that stress creates a “negative impact on their personal and professional life” and 30% of respondents reported that they “are always or often under stress at work.” To most people stress carries a negative connotation, but the American Psychological Association actually distinguishes between two categories of stress — negative stress (or distress), and positive stress (referred to as eustress). To illustrate the difference between […]

A Simple Skill To Help Leaders Improve Their Team Morale

Through my leadership coaching of CEO’s, Marketing and Sales Leaders, I have learned that forgetting to listen in a business environment is a reoccurring theme for many professionals. Often times it seems that extremely smart people suffer from this ‘know-it-all’ attitude the most. To them, it may seem easier to answer the questions themselves than sit back and delegate the work to somebody else. However, this is not always the case. To be successful in a leadership position, it’s important to have the ability to listen and pass the work on to others. This will ultimately lead to more productivity in the work place. I once worked with a client we will refer to as Bill. Bill was an extremely […]

Four steps to provide effective performance feedback

Utilize performance appraisals as a tool for progress A prevalent issue among managers is how they utilize performance appraisals as a tool to provide feedback, create higher engagement and enhance performance for employees. Many managers dread doing performance appraisals because the forms requested from the companies are lengthy, tedious or have irrelevant or ineffectual questions. It’s no surprise then that only 8 percent of companies report that their performance management process drives high levels of value, while 58 percent said it is not an effective use of time.  Simple, but effective I’ve developed a simple performance feedback process that consistently yields the desired results because the approach is short and concise focuses on qualitative feedback increases the receptiveness for the employees supports positive lasting change […]