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Here are some words of wisdom from Beverly Kaye who is widely known as a leading authority on talent retention, career development and mentoring. In addition to her best-selling books, she has written more than 40 articles for trade publications. She is a popular resource for national media, including The New York Times, Time, Fortune, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, USA Today, and a variety of professional magazines. Clearly, Beverly Kaye has earned her seat at the table of leading business experts. Here are her words of wisdom for advancing on your career path.

Chart your career course –Your career is your creation. So when was the last time you really gave serious thought and time to planning it?

If it’s to be, it’s up to me – Some people are tempted to hold others accountable for their work satisfaction. Most find over time that those others can’t or won’t deliver what’s wanted and needed.

 Ultimately, you choose your career, your boss, your team and your organization. You decide how long to stay and you have the power and influence to improve your work. Accept that responsibility, complete with its challenges, and you’ll get more of what you want from your work and your workplace.

Give it to get it –First and foremost, make sure you’re a solid performer (meeting your goals consistently). Solid performers almost always get more respect. 

Ask and you may receive – If you don’t ask, you’re less likely to get what you want. It seems so simple. Yet some people hold back. They expect their bosses to read their minds. Don’t expect others to take the first step. Don’t make them guess, because most often, they’ll guess wrong. Be clear. Be prepared. Be collaborative, and then ask for what you want.

Job Judo – Go with the energy – In the martial art of judo, you use the momentum of the other person to increase your own energy and effectiveness. You build on the energy coming your way. Similarly, in job judo, the key is to build on the energy that comes from doing what you love. Think about what energizes you. Then find a place to invest that energy.

Up is not the only way – Most folks seem to think they need to move out of their current position to develop. This has never been less true. You can enrich your current work by expanding the job, refining your expertise, or finding depth in areas you really enjoy.

Link and build the connection – This means teamwork, collaboration, interaction, sharing, information, coordination and networking. All these activities are vital in this high-speed, high-tech, ever-changing world of work.

Opportunities? They’re still knocking – To uncover opportunities in your organization, tell someone you are looking for them! Oh – and make sure that when the opportunity knocks, you not only hear it but are prepared to open the door.

An excerpt from STAND OUT! Personal Branding Strategies for Business Professionals by Simon Vetter.

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