Carlos Paulet’s LinkedIn profile reads: “I am a nerd, with social skills, that help people get results & enjoy their lives! Executive Coach, VR Pioneer, philanthropist & most important job in the world; Dad!”

Carlos is a multi-cultural international management consultant, and an expert in leadership metrics, technology, and team alignment. His focus is on supporting successful people to identify and empower the “X-Factors” that drive performance and results.

Join me for a conversation with my dear friend Carlos about his fascinating path through life. He has experienced many different cultures (Haiti, Peru, Brazil, and Spain) a wide variety of jobs (from Incan trail guide to American Airlines Operations Director to Executive Coach), and also more than enough hardship and tragedy.  Losing his daughter to glioblastoma in 2015 shapes his worldview today, but as he tells it, you can eventually progress to feeling joy again, even after this kind of devastation.

Teaming Up Conversations is hosted by Simon Vetter. He is an executive leadership coach and CEO of Stand Out International, Inc. His focus is on cultural transformation and behavioral change, guiding companies and their executive teams toward increased collaboration, accountability and agility.

Discussion Points

  • What makes Carlos so unique
  • Being risk-open instead of risk-adverse
  • The life-changing devastation of losing his daughter
  • Recovering from the loss, starting a foundation
  • Advice to others when losing a child
  • The end of Carlos’ “hippie years” after disillusionment in Haiti
  • American Airlines job, grad school, and executive coaching
  • Similarities in different cultures, not differences, are important
  • Gaming and Virtual Reality: teaching teamwork and problem solving
  • Best tool in coaching: Getting feedback from others
  • The “asshole” client story
  • Advice to younger Carlos? Dare to make more mistakes, then learn from them
  • You can be the hero or the villain of your own story – be the hero!


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