How can today’s best leaders thrive in the face of challenges? How can you reframe that internal negative self-talk and harness the power of encouragement?  We’re going to find out in this episode.

My guest today is a licensed psychologist, a successful Iron(woman) athlete, and a contributing author to “Voices for Leadership” who has applied her methods in her own life and has translated them to coaching families, teams, organizations, and communities around her. I’m so pleased to welcome my friend, Dr. Ann Bowers-Evangelista to today’s episode of the Teaming Up Conversations podcast.  I am your host, Simon Vetter.  

Dr. Bowers-Evangelista is an expert in “endurance leadership.” With 20+ years as a leadership consultant, coach, and endurance athlete, Ann helps clients discover their individual and collective potential to achieve challenging goals AND long-lasting success – a critical combination to meet today’s business and people needs. 

Teaming Up Conversations is powered by Stand Out International, and hosted by Simon Vetter.   Simon is an executive leadership coach and CEO of Stand Out International, Inc., and his focus is on behavioral change and executive leadership coaching.  Simon trains managers and teams in Fortune 500 companies, guiding them toward better focus, increased clarity, and personal balance.  Simon is the author of “STAND OUT! Branding Strategies for Business Professionals,” and has a Masters in Business and Marketing (lic.rer.pol.) from University of Bern, Switzerland.  He is certified in DISC, CDR, Hogan, Opposite Strengths, viaEdge Leadership Agility, Strength Development Inventory, Alpha Leadership, and 360 Leadership Survey Tools.

Discussion Points

  • Ann’s introduction/background
  • What is it that draws you to Ironman competitions?
  • How Ann defines endurance
  • “High performance” is very different at Morgan Stanley vs. a tech startup
  • What is “winning” for you?
  • What does a successful year look like for you?  Simon’s exercise in visualization
  • Training and developing your mindset
  • The mental rehearsing before an event that will help you see a successful outcome
  • Self-talk– how listening to yourself is different than talking to yourself
  • Encouraging others is an important part of your own success
  • What are some tips you can offer us for “self listening”
  • The difference between mental toughness and resilience
  • Ann’s four areas of coaching:
    • Anchoring your mindset
    • Excelling in execution
    • Foraging for discipline
    • Leveraging support
  • Who is your team?  Ann tells us about her support system


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