“Our mission is to create positive, lasting change within company culture through effective leadership development.”

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With Visionary Leadership

Today’s workforce, especially the young talent and motivated minds want to be intellectually stimulated and emotionally engaged. This requires a new approach to leadership. Research shows that the number one skill leaders need today is the ability to create a compelling vision and engage others around it.

Simon Vetter, co-author of “Leading with Vision”, teaches executives the essential leadership behaviors to inspire their people with a compelling vision. By applying a proven change process, he will guide you, your organization, and its people along a path leading to courage, clarity, and a high-performing culture.

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Leadership Insights

6 Essential Tips To Lead Remote Teams

6 Essential Tips To Lead Remote Teams

I recently had a coaching conversation with a client who is leading a global team. Her team is spread across continents and cultures. She loves the diversity and dynamics of this team but finds it challenging to increase trust with the team. This…
4 Ways To Lead Employees Through Organizational Changes

4 Ways To Lead Employees Through Organizational Changes

My phone rings and I pick it up “Hi Simon, I need to talk to you”. The voice was stern and I sensed a level of stress. “Simon, we’re in the midst of an organizational change and I don’t think it’s going as well as we wanted it to.…
Making the Most Out of Your Coaching Experience

Making the Most Out of Your Coaching Experience

A new year has started and with every new year come new resolutions. Somehow many of us like to think that we can start again with a clean slate. A blank page. A new chapter. But the truth is there is no clean slate and nothing new to be…

Meet Simon Vetter

Executive Coach

With 24 years of experience in leadership training, Simon is a behavioral change expert, working with executives and leaders to create lasting and measurable transformation for themselves, their teams and organization.

Speaker and Author

With his engaging and dynamic presentation style, Simon energizes his audience to gain new insights, learn practical tools, achieve positive change and enhance their performance.

“Swiss Guy” Living in California

Born and raised in Switzerland and having lived 20 years in California, Simon brings a rich perspective on how to effectively lead in a global, dynamic and cross-cultural business environment.

Leading with Vision

An Investigative Journey to Uncover the Core Ingredients Needed for Leaders to Captivate Today’s Workforce.

Marshall Goldsmith

“I am more than happy to recommend my friend and colleague, Simon Vetter. Simon is an expert at helping professionals get even better by achieving positive, lasting change. He is an excellent coach and teacher.”

Marshall GoldsmithExecutive Coach and best-selling author of “What got you’re here won’t get you there”