Building High-Performing Teams

Being part of a committed, winning team is motivating, inspiring and fun. On the other hand, dysfunctional teams, are a source of stress and anxiety, often leading to wasted effort and energy.

Our team development process encourages each member to commit and take responsibility to develop themselves and together define a compelling vision.

Greater collaboration, increased accountability, and organizational effectiveness will occur as team members develop and implement their individual behavioral change strategy and common vision.

Working with dozens of Executive Teams, we identified the following 5 key success factors making up high-performing teams.

5 Key Success Factors of High-Performing Teams

Clarity They relentlessly focus on the future with a compelling vision

High-performing teams establish clarity for the vision of the organization, set strategic objectives and outline roles and responsibilities.

Trust They have each other’s back

Teamwork is built on mutual trust, transparency and sharing information because every team member has the team’s best interest in mind.

Collaboration They appreciate and integrate different skills and styles

High-performing teams are well rounded and balanced because each team member offers their own unique talents and expertise.

Commitment They disagree, decide, and commit

High-performing teams respect differences in viewpoints and are able to collectively come to an agreement. Then everyone commits to the course of action.

Accountability They bind to mutually agreed upon “Rules of Engagement”

There is a clear set of behavioral guidelines to which everyone adheres to. Team members hold each other to those standards.

“Working is Easy. Working Together is the Hard Part.”

Simon Vetter

Celia Reyes

“I’m thrilled to have partnered with Simon Vetter. He provided a successful 1-year leadership program with our management team and staff. His delivery style is effective, pragmatic, and highly engaging. As a result, our team members are better prepared as they continue to grow and increase responsibilities and hold each other accountable, they exhibit more trust in one another and are in line with the accelerated growth of our company.

Celia ReyesVP Human Resources, Biotix
Morten Hannesbo

“We called Simon Vetter from Stand Out International to work with the executive team to help us form a strong, winning team. We worked intensively in monthly sessions to ensure strategy alignment across the group, improve trust between business units and their leaders as well as work together to create a high performing team environment. The results are very encouraging. The hands-on leadership development approach and tools provided by Simon Vetter have proved very valuable for AMAG.”

Morten HannesboAMAG Group CEO


Our workshop topics for building high-performing teams include:

  • Team Building Without Time Wasting:

    Key success factors for fostering a high-performing team culture

  • Strategies for Productive Communication and Collaboration

    Use behavioral assessment DISC to better understand yourself and others

  • Time Management

    Improve personal effectiveness and productivity

  • Effective Delegation and Accountability

    Creative problem-solving

  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills

    Enable and empower others

Leading with Vision

An Investigative Journey to Uncover the Core Ingredients Needed for Leaders to Captivate Today’s Workforce.