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Simon provides impactful workshops, presentations, and keynotes to help transform teams and organizations for agility and accelerated growth. Simon approaches the task of teaching from a number of different angles, providing insights tailored to each group’s key concerns and opportunities.

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STAND OUT Leadership:
Helping Successful Managers Become Exceptional Leaders

This presentation provides participants a simple method to successfully develop more effective leaders and foster an inspiring, performance-oriented culture. They will leave the session with a practical plan on how to inspire and lead positive change.

Key Concepts and Benefits

    • Uncover the key success factors of outstanding leadership
    • Understand the impact of leadership behaviors on performance, organizational effectiveness and culture
    • Five common mistakes leaders make and how to avoid them
    • Apply a coaching process that inspires lasting change in leadership behaviors

Leading with Vision:
The Blueprint for Creating a Compelling Vision and Engaging the Workforce

Research shows that the number one skill leaders need today is the ability to create a compelling vision and engage others around it. This inspiring presentation will uncover the quest for leaders to create an uplifting path for the future that compels people to go to work for.

Key Concepts and Benefits

    • Discuss four essential habits of visionary leaders
    • Envision the future and forge clarity: Lead with questions to get better answers
    • Unlock the power of vision to unleash collective intelligence and creativity
    • Blueprint for the vision creation process – six steps to put the vision into action

Team Building Without Time Wasting:
Key Success Factors to Foster a High-Performing Team Culture

The team development process presented in this workshop encourages each participant to commit and take responsibility to develop themselves as leaders. Greater collaboration, increased accountability, and organizational effectiveness will occur as team members develop and implement their own behavioral change strategy.

Key Concepts and Benefits

    • Strengthen team spirit, communication and cohesiveness in the team
    • Identify key leadership challenges and address them in a positive way
    • Improve collaboration and work together towards the company vision
    • Apply a team development tool to inspire and empower others

Culture Change: How Can HR Be a Strong Influence in Improving Corporate Culture?

In this dynamic session, Simon Vetter teaches a proven leadership development process to create measurable change for executives, teams and organizational cultures. Participants learn how to inspire others, increase collaboration, lead teams to high-performance and build an engaged, motivated work environment.

Key Concepts and Benefits

    • Uncover the key success factors for creating positive lasting change in your organization
    • Role of HR in driving facilitating and accelerating corporate culture change
    • Apply success strategies in partnering with key decision makers
    • Success and failure examples from small to big companies

“Simon shared an outstanding presentation with our 3M Team and energized us to stand out and build our own personal brands for our company’s success. Thanks for a TRULY OUTSTANDING conference for our team!”

Arturo Lujan3M President and Regional Managing Director, South American Andean Region

Leading with Vision

An Investigative Journey to Uncover the Core Ingredients Needed for Leaders to Captivate Today’s Workforce.