Leadership & Team Development

Working is Easy. Working Together is the Hard Part.

Leadership & Team Development

Working is Easy. Working Together is the Hard  Part.

Build a High-Performing Team

Being part of a team set out to win and committed to make a positive difference is motivating, inspiring and fun. Dysfunctional teams, on the other hand, are a source of stress and anxiety, often leading to wasted effort and energy. Which team would you rather work with?

Our leadership and team development process encourages each member to commit and take responsibility to develop themselves as leaders. Greater collaboration, increased accountability, and organizational effectiveness will occur as team members develop and implement their own behavioral change strategy.

What Defines a High-Performing Team?

  • Relentless Focus on the Future

    • Develop a clear vision, set strategic objectives and outline roles and responsibilities.
    • Constantly realign yourselves towards your goals and objectives.
  • Having Each Other’s Back

    • Winning and high-performing teams have a foundation built upon trust, collaboration and sharing information.
    • Inspiration and creativity grow in open and welcoming environments.
  • Value and Integrate Differences

    • Great teams are well-rounded and balance the strengths and weaknesses of each individual.
    • Each team member offers their own unique talents and specialties that others may find value in.
  • Collective Decision-Making and Efficient Execution

    • Top teams are extremely productive in making decisions.
    • Each member is engaged in the decision-making process and everyone commits to the outcome.
  • Mutal Support and Accountability for Results and Behaviors

    • Team members hold each other accountable for their agreements and actions.
    • There is a clear set of behavioral norms and guidelines to which they all adhere.

Leading with Vision

An investigative journey to uncover the core ingredients needed for leaders to captivate today’s workforce.

David Coleman

“Simon’s coaching experience has given me a greater sense of confidence and inner strength. My personal brand is recognized as people seek me out. I am more in demand at work and in the community. Most importantly, I am at peace with who I am and what I represent – I am standing up and therefore I am standing out. Your coaching support made a big difference.”

David ColemanDirector of Officiating NFL, National Football League