The Most Critical Skills in Next Generation Leaders

With your unique strategy and goals in mind, we develop training workshops and coaching programs optimized for your organization.

Typical organizational objectives may include:

  • Develop the necessary leadership skills to support business growth and attain the next level of achievement and performance

  • Accelerate and sustain the organizational transformation and behavior change

  • Effectively lead change in a complex, uncertain environment

  • Empower each other to achieve the desired outcome

  • Improve executive presence and gain impact and influence through credibility

  • Foster a trusting, engaging, and high-performing team culture

A Proven Method for Behavioral Change

Our development method produces positive, measurable improvement in leadership behaviors. Our unique stakeholder-centered Leadership Behavior Change Process is based on research with more than 86,000 respondents*

Every step of the way, we support and champion your leaders as they become more aware and effective in their leadership. Our programs are demanding and comprehensive. Everything we do is designed with the ultimate objective of creating lasting positive behavioral change. As a result, our programs deliver a higher ROI than traditional classroom training, individual workshops or coaching.

Our 4-Step Leadership Behavior Change Process

*(from the article Leadership is a contact sport: The “Follow-up Factor” in Management Development. Published by Marshall Goldsmith and Howard Morgan).

Kathy Hegstrom

“We have engaged Simon Vetter for a 1-year leadership development program for the Executive Team and Managers. During that time, I have seen tremendous growth in accountability and job satisfaction in the staff.  Managers have found better ways to deal with issues and have an understanding of how AMM wants to grow and excel.  The Executive Team has a better vision of where we need to be in the next 3 to 5 years. That vision keeps us engaged and on the right path for the future.”

Kathy HegstromPresident & CEO, AMM Advanced Medical Management

Leading with Vision

An Investigative Journey to Uncover the Core Ingredients Needed for Leaders to Captivate Today’s Workforce.