Executive Coaching

Effective Leaders Deliver Results Through Others.

Executive Coaching

Effective Leaders Deliver Results Through Others.


Become a better, more effective leader

    • Improve strategic and visionary thinking
    • Increase and build organizational capacity
    • Effectively manage workload
    • Learn prioritization techniques
    • Delegate effectively
    • Communicate tactfully and diplomatically
    • Increase empathy and interpersonal awareness


Effective leadership inspires better results

    • New market opportunities and revenue streams
    • Accelerated business growth
    • Effective lead change in a dynamic, fast-paced environment
    • Improved trust, transparency, accountability and teamwork
    • Increased quality and speed of decision-making and execution
    • Enhanced collaboration and cooperation
    • High-performing, agile and dynamic team culture
    • Enhanced employee engagement, satisfaction and retention

Behavorial Coaching: Looking Forward, Not Backwards

Are you a driven, solution oriented executive? Does that prevent you from effectively engaging your team?

Are you a caring manager? You may then face difficulties setting boundaries.

Are you so creative and innovative that you have issues with processes and standards?

These are a few examples of behaviors that may get us ahead as a worker – but get in the way of our leadership capabilities.

Effective behaviors are the foundation for inspiring leadership and high-performance culture. Behavioral coaching helps leaders understand limiting beliefs, emotions and behaviors and transform them into empowering ones.

Executive Coaching Outcome

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Leading with Vision

An investigative journey to uncover the core ingredients needed for leaders to captivate today’s workforce.

Deborah Droubay

“As a result of Simon’s coaching, I gained the leadership skills to develop a motivated, high-performing team. After one year, we delivered our business targets, I received a promotion while spending more time with family.”

Deborah DroubayOperations Manager, Convergint Technologies