Leading with Vision

Eine Entdeckungsreise zur Aufdeckung der wichtigsten Fähigkeiten, die Führungskräfte benötigen, um die heutige Belegschaft zu begeistern.

Ein kultureller Wandel am Arbeitsplatz, von Millennials angetrieben, hat viele Unternehmensführer aus dem Schlaf geholt. Viele Führungskräfte sind mangelhaft ausgestattet für die Entwicklung der Vision einer “neuen” Belegschaft, da sie nicht wissen, was diese motiviert und inspiriert. Diesen jüngeren Arbeitern wird Geld nicht Motivation genug sein – sie brauchen vielmehr einen emotionalen Anteil an dem Ganzen.

Führen mit Vision bietet Führungskräften einen forschungsbasierten Plan ihre Vorhaben zu erreichen.

Es ist ein praktischer Ansatz für aktuelle und angehende Führungskräfte, um eine überzeugende Vision zu definieren, zu artikulieren und aufrechtzuerhalten, um so mit Mitarbeitern auf emotionaler und weniger auf kognitiver Ebene eine Verbindung zu schaffen.

“Enlisting others in a shared vision is the skill that most distinguishes leaders from individual contributors. It’s also the most difficult to master, and as the authors make clear, it’s the competency that’s most lacking in the next generation of leaders. That’s precisely why all leaders must read this book and, most importantly, put it to use immediately. Backed by solid evidence, illustrated with compelling examples, and supported by practical applications, Leading With Vision is timely and essential reading. It will enable you to make the emotional connection that is absolutely necessary in engaging today’s workforce.”

Jim KouzesCo-author, The Leadership Challenge and the Dean’s Executive Fellow of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University

“It’s rare that a book combines genuine insights, practical advice, and compelling examples as superbly as Leading With Vision. Highly recommended as a guide for leaders seeking to inspire their organizations with a genuine, authentic vision.”

David B. Peterson, PhDDirector of Executive Coaching & Leadership at Google, Author of Leader as Coach and Development FIRST

“Most of us clearly relate to the VUCA world we have experienced since 2008.  This book, with its research examples and advice, is a great opportunity to reflect on what we all know needs to be done to keep our most valuable assets engaged and productive.”

Ed ReillyPresident & CEO, American Management Association

“The feeling in the pit of my stomach as I read Leading With Vision told me there was something here very much worth exploring….deeply. From the conceptual to recent real life business examples to actionable questions and exercises, Leading With Vision takes one on an authentic approach to focusing on the real driver of success—the factor behind the numbers—the corporation’s people! Research and theory are matched with compelling business examples and actionable processes that will allow today’s leader to focus on creating the connectedness that today and the future’s workforce so crave.  The business applications are real and the reading a joy as Hagemann et al seek to drag modern day leaders out of the fog in order to help create a workplace where today’s generations are willing to take the stairs, two at a time!”

Julie LaulisCEO, Cable One, Inc.