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Six Secrets of Wise Time Management

I would like to share six secrets on time management to start the New Year with fresh insights and practices for being productive and working smart in the midst of turbulent time pressure. We have to constantly deal with interruptions, distractions, competing priorities, and unforeseen crises no matter where we are. However, there is a way to manage our time well and wisely in order to Manage our stress level in a positive way Get more done every day Stay energetic and productive in the long run Become more productive instead of staying later, working more or trying yet another questionable tip Time Management Secrets The following six insights are based on the best-selling book The Power of Full Engagement by […]

The 5 Success Factors of a High-Performing Team

Rallying a group of individuals – with all it implies in terms of personalities, personal growth and character differences – can be challenging. A high-performing team is the ultimate weapon to achieve success, where unique strengths are put together as a whole, rather than joining parts as best you can. Have you ever worked in a dysfunctional team? I have and know: it’s a lot of hassle, it takes effort, it creates tension, stress or anxiety – overall, it’s just not fun. A team might not be dysfunctional from day one. It is often the result of built-up frustration and individual attitudes. Some team members may be worried they will lose power and be out-shined. The team may lack a […]

How to Turn a Good Leadership Team into a Great One

The enemy of becoming great is becoming content with being good. That is the reason we have many good companies, not great ones, good schools, not a great ones, and good management teams, not great ones. There’s a lot of good, but not good enough to become great. Most organizations, institutions, teams, and individuals have become comfortable with being good. That’s where they stay. Consequently, there is no urgency, drive, and motivation put into extra efforts to become great. Good Leadership to Great Leadership Example When the CEO of a construction company called me to provide leadership development, the company went through a lot of change. They had transferred complete ownership of the company twice in the previous year and […]

Five Tips to Be More Energetic

Being energetic, productive and working smart in the midst of turbulent times and business pressure is a challenge. We consistently deal with interruptions, distractions, competing priorities, ambitious targets, and unforeseen crises no matter where we are. However, there is a way to manage our time well and wisely in order to: 1. Manage our stress level in a positive way 2. Get more done every day 3. Stay energetic and productive in the long run The following five insights are based on the best-selling book The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz. I met Jim and Tony personally, attended their presentations and workshops, read their book and applied their ideas to my life over the last few […]

What’s Your Vision Statement? A Hard Question for Leaders

The ability to remain competitive and relevant in the financial services industry or any other industry lies heavily in crafting a strategic direction for the future of the company that represents the company’s values and goals, which should be encompassed in a company’s vision statement. When you ask most company leaders what the vision for their organization is, they often defer to the company’s current goals and plans rather than offer a forward-looking perspective of where they intend to be in the future. Based on the 2016 Trends in Executive Development Benchmark Report, “the ability to create a vision, convey it to others, and inspire and engage people” is considered “the single most important capability needed for the emerging generation of leaders“; Yet, it is still […]

Performance Coaching: Top 3 Questions Good Coaches Ask

How do we turn a person’s talent into performance? This question has been of great debate. Many organizations believe that each person’s greatest room for growth is in his or her areas of weakness. Yet, others support the idea that it is in the areas of his or her greatest strength. The successful leaders find a person’s unique talent – their strengths – first. Then they capitalize on that strength. The Gallup Poll confirms the concept that applying a person’s strength is positive correlated to his or her actual performance. In a survey with nearly 200,000 people, the following question was asked: “At work, do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day?” When employees answered […]

How to Inspire Your Employees with a Vision?

When it comes down to promoting the vision throughout the organization, one of the most challenging part is engaging the workforce around it. This means creating an emotional connection with the vision for employees—more specifically, creating that emotional connection for each employee as an individual, so he or she understands how to be a part of making the vision come to pass. OluKai is a company that does exactly that. As a leading high-quality, high-premium footwear company based out of Irvine, California they are building emotional connection between the vision and their employees. Jim Harris, CEO of OluKai since 2008, believes that deep inside each person is a happy place, a place of love. Jim refers to it as Aloha. […]

Four Organizational Change Mistakes To Avoid

Company’s go through organizational changes: implementing a new CRM system, restructuring project for cost cutting, introducing a new product line, expanding into another country, establishing e-commerce business, buying or merging with another company, relocation project – the list goes on and on. Depending on the scale and complexity of the projects, those changes make people feel uneasy, uncertain, worried, or even fearful. The human and emotional aspects of change initiatives are often neglected. Based on 30 years of research by change expert Dr. John Kotter, professor at Harvard Business School, 70% of all major change efforts in organizations fail. There are 4 main reasons for failures: Key leaders do not create enough sense of urgency Without motivation transformation efforts will […]

How Do You Motivate Employees?

I have heard this many times from managers: “How do I motivate people to get them to do the things I want them to do?” The answer is: “You don’t!” It is hard to motivate people because they already are motivated. What we can do is determine what motivates them and use this knowledge to channel their energy toward your organization’s goals. Some people are like water in a faucet. They have the motivation; all you have to provide is the opportunity. The water is already motivated to flow, but it doesn’t have the opportunity until you open the tap. Others are like mountain streams, which flow swiftly but follow their own channels. People, too, may move energetically, but toward […]