Siemens Industries: How to Get Others to Follow You


Former Operations Manager, Siemens Industries

“As a result of Simon’s coaching, I gained the leadership skills to develop a motivated, high-performing team. After one year, we delivered our business targets, I received a promotion while spending more time with family.”


“I have no personal life and no balance. I work at least 70 hours each week.”


  • Gather feedback (360-feedback survey)
  • 8 interviews with co-workers, manager, 3 direct reports, and 4 peers
  • Recognize strengths
  • Identify areas of improvement (strategic and tactical)


  • 1 year of leadership coaching
  • Develop a vision and strategy (personally and for the team)
  • Delegation, including accountability, and people development

Follow-Up & Change:

  • Shift from task manager to strategic manager
  • Collaborative session with management team to figure out long term priorities
  • Weekly 1-hour “reflection meeting with herself”
  • Identified areas that were time-consuming and worked on delegating to qualified team members
  • Engage others to create changes


  • Shift towards more accountability
  • More delegation
  • Strategic thinking and visionary approach
  • Reduced work hours from an average of 70 to 55-60 per week
  • Meeting financial targets with her teams in all 3 products categories (even in a difficult economy)
  • Enhanced cohesiveness
  • More fun and positive recognition within the entire organization


  • Reducing work hours from average of 70 to 55 -60 per week
  • Meeting financial targets with her team in all three products categories, even in a difficult economy

Debbie and her team benefit from a greater sense of accomplishment, enhanced cohesiveness, more fun and positive recognition within the entire Siemens organization. Debbie has become a visionary leader rather than simply a “problem-solver.”