Neal Electric: A Leadership Improvement Process

Clark Thompson

Former CEO, Neal Electric

“I remember the organization went through an awful lot of change. We had transferred complete ownership of the company twice in the previous year, and with that we had a substantial turnover in personnel. We were dealing with very headstrong personalities as well as some negative attitudes.”


The existing culture was one in which managers based decisions based on advancing the position of their department or themselves, not the entire company. The objective was to bring them closer together, help them work together as a team, and to unify the managers.


  • High-performing, headstrong individuals
  • Working against each other instead of learning
  • 360 degree reports (identifying feedback)


  • Want to build a high-performing management team that works together
  • Demonstrate true desire to better oneself, the team, and the company
  • 1-year process, 3 business coaches
  • Develop leadership skills and implement behavioral changes for managers

Follow-Up & Change:

  • Each of the 10 managers chose one particular behavior to improve and committed to ongoing improvement for one year
  • Reach out to co-workers asking for help in changing their behavior
  • Establish guidelines for supporting change
  • Follow up survey and evaluation
  • Direct reports


  • Relationship impacts
  • Performance changes
  • Attitude shifts
  • Improved leadership behaviors
  • Higher and better quality of productivity
  • More initiative
  • More cohesiveness


  • The managers’ willingness to work on behavioral change has turned Neal Electric into a unique company with leaders who are interested in their employees and work together as a team.
  • The most important improvement was that the quality of communication among people at all levels and among every department significantly increased. This gave new cohesiveness to the organization.

“People portray better attitudes and take more initiative to approach things on their own rather than waiting to be told. In the past three years I’ve seen a big change with management and leadership. It’s changed all around; it’s really impressive. It’s more cohesive than it was before and it’s getting better every day. I have enjoyed working here more than ever because of the cohesiveness, the improved teamwork and culture.” Sam Passanisi, Senior Project Manager