Turnaround of a Consumer-Goods Business in the US

Michael Traub

Former CEO

“Simon’s change process has created a real strong commitment in our executive team to win together and create alignment in our organization.”


“BSH hired Simon Vetter during the worst economic crisis that our industry faced in a long time…”

A new leadership team was put in place with different levels of experience in managing complex situations.

There was no cohesiveness in the team and therefore decision-making was not consistent. The downsizing and rightsizing of the company required speed and alignment, which did not exist in the leadership team.


  • Evaluation of new leadership team
  • Different levels of experience in management
  • Cohesiveness (none) or alignment
  • Inconsistent decision-making


  • Empower CEO to spearhead change initiative
  • Individual coaching and leadership development
  • Create real and strong commitment to align and win together as a team

Follow-Up & Change:

  • Continuously participate in the process
  • Re-assessments and check-ins


  • Jointly defined a clear strategy for the organization
  • Improved team attitude
  • Positive impact on associates measured by leadership team
  • Executive team became a high-functioning team
  • Credibility increased at HQ
  • Revenue growth and market share gain


The combination of individual coaching and the leadership development in various off-site sessions has created a real strong commitment to win together and create alignment in our organization.

We have experienced tangible benefits as a result of the leadership development program:

  • We jointly defined a clear strategy for our organization.
  • Our attitude in the team improved significantly towards “united we stand divided we fall”.
  • All associates feel the positive impact on the leadership team.
  • The executive team became a high-functioning team
  • The credibility of the US organization increased in HQ in Munich.
  • The turnaround was building momentum to grow revenue and gain market share.