Alexcel Group

The Alexcel Group is an international alliance of highly experienced consultants and executive coaches who are deeply committed to furthering the development of individual executives, their teams, and their organizations by supplying the very best expertise in talent development.


With over 1000 executive coaches in 51 countries, CoachSource provides the world’s largest and most comprehensive network of executive coaches. Inspired by Marshall Goldsmith, CoachSource is the only firm officially authorized to carry out the Goldsmith coaching process globally.

Executive Development Associates

Executive Development Associates is a leader in creating custom-designed executive development strategies and programs that help organizations build the capabilities needed to achieve their strategic objectives. Its mission is to turn trends in executive development into your strategic advantage.

CDR Assessment Group

CDR Assessment Group helps clients identify and grow talent authentically, so that their people can soar with their strengths, manage their risks, and do what they find most rewarding.

Extended DISC of North America

Extended DISC provides behavioral assessment tools designed to improve communication, teamwork and leadership.

STAND OUT Executive Coaches and Leadership Consultants

executive team development, behavioral coaching, leadership coach San Diego

Maya Hu Chan

Carlos Paulet

Scott Eblin

Nancy Parsons

executive team development, CEO coach, leadership coach San Diego

Bonnie Hagemann

Larry Levin

executive team development, leadership training, leadership coach San Diego

Brian Underhill

Karen Steadman

Thomas Freitag

Virginia Williams

Diane Vere

Ramona Shaw

Leading with Vision

An Investigative Journey to Uncover the Core Ingredients Needed for Leaders to Captivate Today’s Workforce.