Creative design is a universal, success-critical process in many organizations and businesses: invent a new product; design a new kitchen; plan your office space; craft a new drink; make a movie; design a new wardrobe; build a house, road, or airport.

Design a complex approach requires vision, collaboration, execution, and an inspired team.

This episode features an expert on “Creative Design Process”: Jennifer Luce is the founder and principal of Luce et Studio, a collaborative architecture and design studio practicing at the intersection of architecture, art, and design. The firm’s cross-disciplinary approach supports creative explorations with a wide array of practitioners in various fields, including designers, artists, poets, craftspeople, and thinkers.

Teaming Up Conversations is powered by Stand Out International, and hosted by Simon Vetter. Simon is an executive leadership coach and CEO of Stand Out International, Inc., His expertise is in behavioral change and culture transformation.  Simon trains managers and teams in Fortune 500 companies, guiding them toward better performance outcomes, increased collaboration, alignment, and accountability.

Discussion points:

  • How to bring various, interdisciplinary voices into the design process
  • Learnings from Mingei International Museum, San Diego, California
  • The astounding fundraising efforts at Mingei
  • Key challenges and obstacles in the design project
  • Career advice that propelled Jennifer’s design skills
  • Transferring the Luce et Studio collaboration method into business
  • Value of idols and mentors
  • Merging art and science
  • Jennifer’s Advice: Stay true to your vision and persevered


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